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Excellent value for money and the best available treatment just two hours flight away in the Baltics.

Lithuania is top ranked for the quality of Health and Hygiene in the world, and has the greenest European capital. As an EU country it follows strict EU regulation and quality standards. Our clinic Lirema is located in Vilnius, a beautiful capital city with UNESCO protected sights to discover and magic culture to soak in while healing


• Up to 60% savings can be achieved compared to UK costs, including travel and accommodation!
• Thousands of operations performed every year
• Most modern clinic in the region
• No hidden costs
• English speaking, experienced surgeons
• Dedicated support team in Lithuania and UK
• Member of European and U.S. Ophthalmological Fellowships
• No waiting lists
• We are leading and award-winning medical tourism company in UK

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Patient will be offered the best available treatment depending on vision conditions:

Before the operation, tests are performed to enable a very precise assessment of the patient’s vision. Each eye is analysed by front segment tomography (Pentacam) and a topography of the cornea is conducted. Likewise, a measurement of the eye parameters (IOL master) and an assessment of the optic system (Wavefront) is concluded. If necessary, an OCT test of the retina is done, this enables the detection of even the smallest changes in the fundus of the eye. After these tests the laser vision correction operation can be decided upon and safely planned.

The operation is only performed once an assessment has been made regarding whether the result of the operation will meet the patient’s and the surgeon’s expectations. The doctor and the patient will, prior to surgery, discuss the pros and cons and decide upon the most appropriate method of correction.

Which Price Level Is Right For You? 

Saver £1695

Standard £1,900

Premium £2,300

•   Consultation Yes Yes Yes
•   Vision correction, both eyes, by eximeric laser (LASEK, LASIK) Yes Yes Yes
•   Precise assessment of the optic system – Wavefront Yes Yes Yes
•   Post-operative care for one year after the operation Yes Yes Yes
•   Hotel accommodation for up to 7 nights, breakfast and wifi (for 2 persons) Yes Yes Yes
•   Personal airport-hotel transfers in Lithuania Yes Yes
•   Personal hotel-clinic transfers in Lithuania Yes Yes
•   Local concierge service Yes Yes
•   UK phone support Yes Yes Yes
•   Eye drops to be used in the first days after the operation Yes Yes Yes
•   Strengthening of the corrective effect for one year after the operation Yes Yes Yes
•   Tour of Trakai Historical National Park Yes
•   Hotel upgrade to 4* Yes
•   Hotel upgrade to 5* Yes
•   Special dinner at top restaurant in Vilnius (for 2) Yes
•   Lithuania Travel Guide Yes

 Additional: Flat rate £45 Body Bureau admin fee, applicable on all treatment levels.

Does not include: flights, medical treatment travel insurance, other meals, other services within the hotel not listed above.

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Fine Clear Print

Must be 21 or over with a stable prescription. Treatment available for patients with a prescription of +3 to -8 dioptres or up to -3.00 dioptres of astigmatism. The thickness of the cornea before the operation must be not less than 500 microns. The operation is not recommended for those suffering from systemic diseases, auto-immune diseases, diseases of the connective tissue, allergic diseases or diabetes mellitus or for expectant or breast-feeding mothers. Surgery cannot prevent age-related vision deterioration. Occasional side effects may include dry eyes, flap complications, visual disturbances or infections. Results may vary. Subject to change.