Vision correction EQUIPMENT 

Carl Zeiss Eximeric Laser MEL 80

At the Lirema Eye Clinic eye correction operations are conducted with the latest new generation Meditec eximeric laser MEL 80 from the German firm Carl Zeiss.


 About MEL 80

The Carl Zeiss Meditec eximeric laser MEL 80 is one of the most advanced in the world, and the Carl Zeiss Meditec Company guarantees impeccable quality. It can be used to provide individual solutions to the vision problems caused by myopia, hyperopia and/or astigmatism. Therefore, using a combination of diagnostic devices working on the basis of advanced technology and the eximeric laser we are able to not only assess, but also to correct the common refractory malfunctions such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism as well as deviations from geometric optics, which are otherwise known as high degree aberrations.


Laser correction can be carried out by means of several nomograms. The appropriate operation is chosen after testing the patient’s eyes. In most cases aspherical correction is performed, which maintains the natural aspherical shape of the cornea, ensuring good and sharp visual quality during both the brightest part of the day and at dawn and dusk. The optimised Wavefront or topo guided program successfully corrects even the most complicated refraction flaws, e.g. higher level aberrations, if this is necessary. Aberrations are the eye’s optical system’s deviations from geometric optics, which cause deterioration in the clarity of vision.


The laser uses a dynamic eye contour detection system. Every second the devices sense the position of the eye 250 times, i.e. it operates at a frequency of 250 Hz. This enables the laser correction to adapt to even the tiniest eye movement and thus it ensures the accuracy of the laser beam’s effect throughout the procedure.


Since the laser operates at a frequency of 250 Hz, the operation doesn’t take very long. It takes only a few seconds to remove one dioptre. The 0.7 mm diameter laser beam provides extremely high correction accuracy.

Additional Equipment

As well as the eximeric laser, the other pieces of diagnostic equipment used during the pre-operative examination phase are also important. These are the CRS Master individual operation planning system, the IOL Master biometer, the Pentacam frontal eye segment analyser, the WASCA wavefront analyser for examining aberrations and the cornea endothelium cell analyser, which are all used as and when required.