Energy drinks – The effect on your health


Cardiologist Ruta Rogalskienė from the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre talks about the effects of energy drinks on our health:

Recently we have had young patients, some aged only 20-30 years, come to us having developed increased blood pressure. When interviewing such patients we often find they feel like they lack energy, and as a result are constantly consuming energy drinks. In these cases the patient is just fooling their body by ignoring the need for rest.

Substances that are present in these drinks include taurine and caffeine, in amounts several times higher than the acceptable, healthy daily intake. Consuming a large amount of these substances increases the force of heart muscle contraction, causing the rhythm of the heart to race, when it is already higher than normal due to the body being tired. For these reasons, blood pressure rises. Particularly at risk are people who use energy drinks in sport or in combination with alcohol, when the risk of heart rhythm disorders and sudden death increases significantly.

If you have increased blood pressure (arterial hypertension), be aware that it is very important to regulate your blood pressure., otherwise complications of the disease can develop, making it harder to treat. Elevated blood pressure can be treated with medication.

Treatment of hypertension is cheaper and easier before it causes diseases.

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