Lithuania Voted Best Value Destination for Dental Treatment

Vilnius’ Old Town surprised researches with how affordable its accommodation was; and, as a result, has rated Lithuania best value destination 2014 for dental treatment in Europe.

In a research 15 countries were compared for ease of travel, affordability of accommodation, and price of dental treatment. The results demonstrated that apart from Lithuania, Turkey, Poland, Hungary and Latvia made up the top five.

Dentistry abroad, Lithuania

Dr Ieva Day-Stirrat

Dr Ieva Day-Stirrat, principle dentist at ‘Odontika’ said: “The price of treatment is naturally lower than in the UK and Scandinavia, with dental implants’ prices being less than £500, which is significantly lower than in the UK.     Wages are a determining factor here, with the average wage being less than ¼ of the UK’s average. However, the quality of treatment and guarantee are more important factors that in fact influence people’s decision to travel.”

Norwegians and Danes have been investing in Lithuania for years and have been taking advantage of the affordable dental treatment prices. Dental procedures, from crowns to root canals, cost 40-60 per cent less than in the western countries. “Norway is very close,” Dr Ieva explains, “people can hop on a plane in the morning and go back in the evening!”.

Ongoing uncertainty in Western economies and the diminishing availability of National Health Service dentistry in many countries result in a continued interest for people searching for clinics abroad. Recommendations and word of mouth – are still key decision-making factors for people choosing a reliable clinic when travelling abroad for dental care.

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