Body Bureau wins a 2013 Medical Tourism Association Leadership Award!

Body Bureau - award winning medical tourism company

Body Bureau goes from strength to strength and wins a 2013 Medical Tourism Association Leadership Award.

Body Bureau, a leading London-based medical tourism boutique, is the only UK facilitator to win an MTA award.

Although offering a large range of medical care services at their respected partner-clinics, Body Bureau specialise in providing affordable infertility treatment, such as IVF and ICSI, to those unable to afford the bloated charges made for these services in the UK, or those abandoned by the NHS due to it’s restrictive policies.

The recent opening of a London Pre-Assessment clinic allows much of the process to take place in the UK, including consultations and tests, meaning just one short trip of up to week is all that is required for the actual treatment.

Their main clinic in Vilnius, capital city of Lithuania, is the most modern in the region and uses advanced techniques.

Further to this, due to patient demand, they are also set to introduce a new clinic in the next couple of months that will specialize in donor services, single women and those up to the age of 49 years.

Learn more about other high quality and affordable Body Bureau services: Cosmetic Surgery, Vision Correction, Weight Loss Surgery, Dentistry, Health Screening.

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