Main Reasons for Egg Donation Abroad

 There are many reasons why thousands of patients are choosing to go abroad for egg donation every year.  Not least because of the restrictions put on services by public health services like the NHS in UK, which mean many couples are either ineligible for help, or eligible but have to queue on long waiting lists, further affecting their chances of success.

We take a look at the main reasons UK couples are going abroad:




1) Higher Success Rates. There is no proper research why this is, but success rates in some clinics abroad are probably higher for egg donation because the donors in those countries – which allow anonymous donation – tend to be younger and healthier. This of course has an impact on the likelihood of success as their eggs are much better quality, leading to better outcomes of the procedure.

2) Egg donation abroad is cheaper. It is definitely cheaper to go for treatment in some European countries than in the USA or UK. For example, IVF with egg donation in our Czech Republic clinic cost from around £4000/€4500/$6600 comparing to an average price of £8000 in the UK, €7000 in Spain or $16000 in USA. Travelling abroad does require some extra outlay, such as travel and accommodation, but often even after adding all these costs together it is possible to save up to 60% when comparing totals, so it is always worth considering the option of going abroad. Companies like Body Bureau can help to save even more as we offer pre-assessment, consultation and aftercare in a London-based clinic. This helps to reduce the time you have to spend abroad significantly, as your treatment can start in your home country.

Egg Donation in Czech Republic Prague

3) Donor anonymity. This alone can convince some parents to travel abroad for treatment.  For instance, in the UK donor anonymity legislation was changed in 2005, allowing people the right to seek identifying information about their donor once they reach 18. This is not acceptable for many couples so they decide to have IVF with egg donation in a country where their donors remain anonymous forever by local law. UK donor anonymity law also effects the supply of both egg and sperm donors, as many potential donors are put off from donating in the first place because they do not want their identity to be revealed in the future.

4) Lack of egg donors in the country you reside in. In some countries, like the UK, there is a perceived shortage of egg donors because historically the financial compensation for donors was very low. Recently the regulatory body in the UK – the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority – increased the amount of compensation available to donors, so situations should improve slightly. However, long waiting lists still exist – something deeply unacceptable for many people, as time is not an abundant commodity for people looking for infertility treatment.

5) Better care and personal approach. For those who have had a bad experience in terms of treatment or doctors in their own country (privately or NHS), they often have a much better experience dealing with clinics and coordinators from abroad. They often find them much more keen to help, to listen to their problems and to offer the most appropriate treatment options available for each individual couple, avoiding expensive, ineffective methods.

6) Availability of certain techniques.  Some methods and procedures may not be allowed or be readily available in their own country so people have travel abroad for them, for example; gender selection, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, embryo monitoring, egg/embryo freezing etc.

How Body Bureau Can Help:

There are many reasons a couple experience difficulties in conceiving, but Body Bureau can help. We have regular London consultations for treatment that takes place in Vilnius, Lithuania’s capital city. As an EU country it abides but all the same high standards and regulations and is in the UK but at about 50% (IVF from only £1275,  of the price of other private health and IVF clinics. Also we can offer affordable Egg (from £4000), Sperm, Embryo donation services in our partner clinic in Prague, Czech Republic.

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