Your Journey

First Contact

Feel free to browse our website for any information you need, but be aware it is intended only as a guide for any procedure you are interested in. We are happy to provide you with more specific, detailed information regarding any treatments or procedures you might be considering, just click here.

If after reviewing the information you wish to find out more, or ask any questions regarding how we can help, our services, those of the clinics or just to obtain a quote then don't hesitate to get in touch. We understand that going abroad for treatment may be a little daunting for some, and we are here to partner you through the journey. If you need anything, just ask, and we'll be happy to help.

Free Quotes

To get a comprehensive quote, we may need you to complete a medical questionnaire, or provide details or photographs relating to the query. For some dental procedures we will require a panoramic X-ray. In most cases however we can provide you with a guide price prior to any consultation, with a more precise quote prepared later. Once the quotes have been calculated we will present them in an easy to understand way giving you some choices, breakdowns of what is included and any special arrangements that you need to be aware of.

Travelling abroad for treatment often means staying away from home a short while, anything from 1 day for dentistry to a week for IVF.

For this reason we normally prepare quotes for you including hotels near the clinics, transfers and a personal concierge/guide. These are very good value for money for the same reasons that the medical care is, even if you choose the higher-end establishments, and so it is still possible to save large sums compared to having the treatment at home. Don't forget you can also take a companion with you on these trips, for almost no extra outlay.

Please note that in some cases, as in the UK, you may require extra services while at the clinic, and in these cases they can be paid for direct at the clinic.


At this stage we can arrange consultations with doctors who will be able to discuss your options, specific details of your individual case and answer any questions you have regarding your medical care. For infertility treatments such as IVF, ICSI, or these treatments using donor services, these can be held at our London-based Consultation and Pre-Assessment Clinic.

Medical Records

Depending on the procedure you may need to provide your medical records so that your care can be tailored to your needs, and so the medical team is aware of anything they need to be prior to your arrival in Lithuania or the Czech Republic. We can advise you on getting these.

Travel and Accommodation

We will make arrangements for your airport pick up and hotel transfers, and assist you with flight advice. You can fly to Lithuania or the Czech Republic from many UK cities including London, Bristol, Birmingham, Doncaster, Liverpool and Leeds for between £50 to £150 return.

As mentioned, our quotes will include options for accommodation. These rates will always be specially negotiated for you, and we work with the hotels to ensure that circumstances are taken into account. Wifi will always be included in the hotel deals, so if you haven't brought a friend or partner with you, you can keep in contact with friends and family back home.

Clinic Appointments

We will keep you informed of your appointments and can arrange travel to and from the clinic, along with medical care provider. Your doctor and the medical staff assigned to you will discuss the procedures or treatment with you directly. They are there to help you, so ask questions if you are unsure of anything and they will happily explain. Of course, we are here to support you through this phase as well, so if there is anything else, don't hesitate to get in touch.

We can also arrange for certain meals to be included, recommend good restaurants to visit and suggest tourist or cultural sights you might like to see.

Return and Aftercare

Our support doesn't stop here! Even after you return home we will continue to assist you in any way we can. You may have instructions from the medical staff, prescriptions or special advice to follow so if you have any questions or concerns about these we are here for you. For infertility treatment you will also be able to use the London Clinic for any follow-ups, or further care. Contact with our doctors will be easy even after your procedure, to ensure any specific medical worries can be addressed. If you need further consultations, advice, we can organise this also. As always, just drop us a line.