Why have treatment abroad?

With regards to infertility treatment, in the UK the amount of couples getting treatment on the NHS is dropping with strict restrictions in place meaning many couples will have no option other than to go to private clinics for help. Others, who are eligible for free treatment, often face long waiting lists and know that when it comes to fertility, time is precious.

For those seeking dentistry or needing other health or medical care, then going abroad for treatment is way of getting their life back, especially if they have felt frustrated or depressed being stuck on long NHS waiting lists for their treatment. Some people go abroad even though they have private health insurance, as it is more affordable to pay for the procedure themself, and won't affect their no-claims bonus.

Is healthcare in Lithuania safe?

Although no medical procedure is 100% risk free anywhere you go in the world, the clinics we represent maintain very high health and procedural standards as required by the European Union, and Lithuanian law in order for them to get their licence to practice, and are equal to or higher than any other EU country.

Does Body Bureau give medical advice or treatment?

Body Bureau cannot give you medical or legal advice. We are here to act as your facilitator, an agent between you and the clinics we have arrangements with. We have negotiated preferential rates for our clients and our connections with the specialists mean we can put you in touch with the right person from the outset. We introduce you to these clinics and hospitals abroad and inform you of their services, or provide you with the basic information for the procedure(s) you are interested in. We can help you to make arrangements as part of your choice to travel abroad for medical care but for the actual treatment you will be dealing directly with your chosen institution.

Why are the prices in Lithuania so much cheaper than in the UK?

The cost of living in Lithuania is much lower than it is in the UK and so labour costs and company’s expenses are cheaper. This allows Lithuanian medical institutions to deliver high standards at a large discount to other European countries.

Do the staff speak English?

Yes, all of the clinics have English-speaking staff, and the doctors and specialists will be able to communicate freely with you. We are also here to help ensure communication is clear and understood, as we have English, Lithuanian and Czech speakers in our team, so if you have any queries or concerns don't hesitate to get in touch.

Is there a waiting list for any treatment?

Thankfully, due to a high level of efficiency there is no waiting list for treatment in Lithuania or Czech Republic. The only wait is the time it takes to organise everything and carry out the necessary checks.

Are the prices through Body Bureau the same as going direct to the hospitals?

Yes, we have negotiated special rates for you, ensuring they are not only much lower than in the UK but also good value compared to Europe as whole. Our aim is to provide you with the necessary support, planning, advice and direction and we have built good relationships with these partners so that you can benefit from them.

When and how do I pay for treatment?

In most cases Body Bureau collects payments in GBP (£) on behalf of our partners prior to travel, and then pays them after your procedure. This is to ensure that on the rare occasion that a procedure cannot be carried out for whatever reason, we can refund you the money you are owed for any services not received.

What insurance should I have?

It is highly advisable to get specialist travel insurance for the purpose of travelling abroad for treatment, as this is NOT covered by your normal travel insurance. In addition to specialist 'medical tourism' travel insurance, you should also have medical complications insurance, so you are covered in case complications arise and you need further surgery that isn't covered by your contract with the clinic.

What happens with regards to any post-operative aftercare I need?

For infertility treatment you can return to the UK after your procedure. If you require any follow up care you can return to our London clinic for this.

For dentistry you can return home immediately if you wish, and liaise with us if you have any ongoing needs or questions.

For surgical procedures, after your surgery you will be required to stay in Lithuania for a period of time as advised by the Surgeon. This will be so the Surgeon can provide any necessary follow-up consultations, make sure you are physically comfortable, your medications are working as they should and everything else is going to plan.

What happens if there are complications after I've returned home?

In surgical instances, on the rare occasions that complications do arise after you return home, you can contact us for assistance. Depending on the complication or aftercare required, you may need to decide whether to make a return trip or continue treatment at home. In most cases the hospitals will cover the cost of rectifying complications themselves, so check your agreements with them prior to travel and ask questions about this in your consultation. Consistent with the spirit of your decision to seek treatment abroad in the first instance, you will only have to bear the cost of travel, hotels and subsistence in this event.

What information do I need to provide before my medical treatment?

For infertility cases we just need basic information prior to a consultation where a doctor will discuss your medical history and situation in detail. In some cases past medical records will be requested, and certain blood or hormone tests can be necessary.

For dentistry, photographs and/or a panoramic x-ray are helpful, along with a copy of your dental records from your dentist.

In most other cases you may need to fill out a questionnaire and provide your full medical history. This can be obtained by writing and asking for a copy from your GP surgery or the health records manager, or patient services manager, at your local hospital trust. The maximum they can charge you for this is £50, but it may be less. In some cases you may need to get copies of any x-ray pictures you have had done. In general, the more information you can provide the better, so try to not leave anything out when providing this information, and make sure it is all accurate.

How do I speak to my doctor before the trip?

Most infertility patients have at least one consultation with a doctor at our London clinic before they leave for treatment. Dentistry patients tend to find it more than enough to communicate via email or phone at first, and then discuss in detail once they arrive at the clinic.

Who will look after me after the operation?

After the procedure, if you are not staying in the hospital as an in-patient, you will be transferred back to your hotel to rest. You may return to the clinic for follow ups before returning home but otherwise taking some time to properly rest is a good idea. The doctors and representatives are on call if you need anything.

Do I need a visa or travel permit?

Any UK or EU citizen can travel freely within the EEA (European Economic Area) and so no, if you are a UK citizen you will not need any special permission to enter or leave Lithuania and Czech Republic. If you are not a UK or EU citizen we can assist with Visas if required.

When can I travel home after the operation?

This depends on the procedure and will be recommended by the specialists. For infertility treatments you will likely be away for 5-6 days, depending on your case, and will be able to go home the day or two after your final procedure. Most dentistry patients can return home straight away. For health screening products, the time you will need to be away from home is 1-2 days, but you can stay for longer to soak up some culture or explore the country.

Can I bring someone with me?

Of course! Your hotel room will normally have space for two anyway, so if you were having a treatment for one then you can bring a friend or family member. Many people like having the company of a friend when they go away for treatment. When you are well enough you can explore the area, go shopping, visit a spa, eat out and see the sights together. We can help by advising what might be of interest.

How do I choose accommodation?

We can help you find accommodation near the clinic you are visiting, as we have knowledge of the area and some special deals with hotels. We are also able to offer an apartment in central Vilnius as well. In Prague we also have many hotel offers for you to choose from. Ask us for more details.