The Bariatric Service Clinic

Bariatric Surgery Clinic in Europe

Health and beauty are some of the main elements fostering human happiness, fortune and quality of life. The bariatric service team is there to support you through your journey to a balanced body and soul.

Patient safety, respect, trust, understanding, sincerity and responsibility are the core values to lead our everyday clinical practice.

Our team has developed an individual approach, which guides you through all the process of weight loss, so you would reach your goals and improve quality of life easier with complete understanding and confidence.

Gastric bypass surgeryI firmly believe that nowadays the best treatment outcomes can only be achieved through merging cornerstone values of medicine and newest scientific and technological achievements. Patient safety, respect, trust, understanding, sincerity and responsibility are the core values to lead our everyday clinical practice. These values are the base for a constantly improving surgical practice strengthened by evidence-based innovations. It all enables us to address individual health issues of our patients, prescribe optimal treatment strategies and achieve the fastest recovery rates.

Surgical treatment of obesity is a solution towards lowering intake of your meals but still making you feel full. It enables you to form new better habits of nutrition and lifestyle. Experienced professionals will be there by your side through your journey assisting you in every way possible. Our ultimate goal is for you to feel healthier, more confident and ready for a new life.

The Bariatric Service Clinic provides the highest standard of medical services to its patients, not only by using the most modern equipment and technology but also by giving patients the utmost comfort and reassurance during their recovery. Our main focus at the Bariatric Service Clinic is personalised, patient-centered care. Our team of professionals is devoted towards meeting your expectations and fulfilling your vision by:

  • Communication. We constantly keep in close contact with our patients before, during and after their visit, making sure to provide detailed information in an understandable manner about the treatment and recovery procedures. We have a strict confidentiality policy in our clinic which ensures privacy for all our patients.
  • Technologies and innovation. Our clinic is equipped with the most modern technologies available and our staff is constantly working on improving our services according to the feedback received from our patients.
  • Human resources. Our staff members are trained, certified and prepared up to highest European standards to serve your care needs.
  • Environment. We work hard to provide you with safe surroundings and beautiful interior, as we believe that comfortable environs greatly contribute to improving the overall experience of your stay with us.

Our Mission

Our clinic is one of the leading privately owned clinics in Lithuania, established to attend to our patients’ needs and promote an environment in which quick access to the best Health Care is achieved.

Our mission is to promote and preserve your wellbeing.  We believe that wellbeing is achieved through a combination of expert medical care and attentive disease prevention.  Therefore, we are committed to responding promptly to your medical concerns while also emphasising preventive care through health screenings, education and counselling. We pledge to be a true partner in your journey to good health.


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