Ophthalmology and Eye Surgery

Clinics can offer:

  • Most advanced equipment
  • Accurate, high-quality diagnostics of glaucoma, cataract and retinal diseases
  • Cataract and glaucoma surgery
  • Laser treatment of retina, glaucoma and secondary cataract (Visulas YAG III Combi (ZEISS) laser)
  • Treatment and disease prevention advice
  • Individual attention to each patient


  •  Fluorescent angiography of eye fundus with applying the fundus camera – there are auxiliary mechanisms, such as camera focusing and positioning, real time parameter display on a flat LCD monitor. The device is equipped with a focusing system with adjusting parallel lines
  • US eye study (AB Scan) – allows visualization of intraocular structures even through opaque media, such as mature cataract. А-Scan allows measuring of the anterior and posterior eye size as well as thickness of the lens
  • Computer perimetry – study of the visual field
  • Detection of changes in visual fields, such as narrowing of the borders or presence of defects (scotoma), plays a key role in the diagnostics of diseases of the optic nerve and retina. Perimetry is of paramount importance in examining patients with suspected glaucoma as it allows evaluation of the degree of progression of the disease, and effectiveness of applied treatment. Since changes in the visual field can be observed in some cerebrophaty cases, this study bears great importance for the neurological, neurosurgical practice
  • Optical coherence tomography (OCT) – a fast, noncontact way to study the rear segment of the eye. It determines the condition of the retina’s optic nerve and vitreous humor. The study provides an opportunity to trace the dynamics of pathological process
  • IOL Master – measurement of the eye parameters (length of the eyeball axis, cornea curve radius, depth of anterior chamber) and calculation of IOL before surgical interference due to cataract
  • Assessment of lacrimal fluid release
  • Contactless measurement of intraocular tension
  • Ocular refraction – measurement of the eye’s optical system refractivity (in dioptres)
  • Pachymetry – measurement of the thickness of the cornea


Laser eye treatment with Visulas YAG III Combi (ZEISS) laser: Retina, Glaucoma,Secondary cataract.

Surgery of Cataract

  • Cataract treatment is carried out by applying by the most advanced method – ultrasonic phacoemulsification (Infiniti)
  • Allows removal of the lens within 7-10 minutes through a 2.2 mm incision without pain or suturing
  • This surgical cataract treatment method has a minimum of contra indications
  • Completely painless
  • Does not require anaesthesia
  • Low-trauma

Cataract surgery cost:

  • One eye surgery price from £450. The price depends on the complexity of the operation.
  • Lens price – from £100 to £800. Lens is chosen individually according to the current condition of the patient and the patient’s options, the price depends on the quality of the lens.

Surgery of Glaucoma

  • Surgery is performed within 30-40 minutes
  • This surgical glaucoma treatment method has a minimum of contra indications
  • Requires local anaesthesia.

Glaucoma surgery cost:

  • One eye surgery cost – £450
  • One eye glaucoma iridotomy treatment with YAG laser – £70

Ophthalmological operations benefits: 

  • Do not require any specific preoperative preparation, except for undergoing some tests
  • Operations are performed under local anaesthesia
  • The anaesthetist monitors the patient’s condition throughout the course of the whole operation
  • Short rehabilitation period
  • Surgery is performed on an out-patient basis (on the day of surgery the patient spends about 3 hours in the hospital) 

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