Body Bureau has negotiated preferential rates and special agreements for it’s clients at a choice of highly reputable hospitals, hand picked for their superior quality of care, impeccable standards and professionalism.

Hospitals employ the most advanced surgery methods, anaesthesia and post-operative care.

Here is a summary of the more common procedures.

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Ischemic heart disease

  • Coronography (diagnosis)
  • Angioplasty: (widening in areas of narrowing) of coronary arteries and stenting (stent placement in areas of narrowing).
  • Coronary artery bypass surgery: Arteries or veins are grafted to the coronary arteries to bypass atherosclerotic narrowings and improve blood supply.

Heart Valve Damage

  • Valve-preserving plastics of heart valve
  • Replacement of heart valves with biological or mechanical prosthesis
  • Ross operation

Myocardial infarction (heart attack)

  • Closing of torn ventricular septum
  • Surgical repair of ruptured heart valves chords and valve plastics
  • Ablation of left ventricle aneurysms by restoring ventricle form and geometry

Aorta aneurysms and acute aorta dissections

  • Elevated aortic aneurysm ablation preserving aorta valve or replacing it by prosthesis
  • Replacement of aorta root by biological aorta
  • Ablation of aortic arch and aneurysms of descending chest aorta
  • Surgery of aorta or its branches in case of acute dissections
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