Body Bureau Dental Tourism Team

With clinical expertise and a patient-focused approach, we are committed to providing you with the highest standards of treatment and care.

All our practitioners work within industry-recognised European Union protocols, including clinical governance. They also participate in ongoing dental and hygienist clinical education and professional development courses, all of which meet the mandatory requirements of the General Dental Council of Lithuania.

Lithuanian doctors are recognised throughout the world for their high qualification, expertise and practical experience. All of our dentists are able to provide comprehensive care. We select our practitioners based on their language skills, foreign experience.

 Our dental team

M.D. Ieva Day-Stirrat

• Principle Dentist and Practice Owner
• Prosthetic Dentistry
• General Dental Practitioner


Dr. Ieva qualified from Kaunas Medical University, Faculty of Dentistry in 2005. She continued to practice within the university hospital while dividing her time between private practices. She established the Odontika clinic in 2006 which opened the following year.

Ieva is the primary doctor for all foreign and dental tourism patients, performs all consultations, general dental treatment, full prosthodontic treatment, implants. She has had Odontika listed on many of the International Embassies, including the UK Embassy, approved list of dental providers.

She has attended several international courses in Germany and Britain. Ieva also writes and consults on the topic of dental tourism in Lithuania.

Ieva is fluent in English and other main languages are Russian and German.

 Artiomas Spolianskij

•  Oral Surgeon and prosthetic dentist.
• One of Lithuania’s leading CEREC4 specialists in prosthetic restorations.

He is currently preparing papers and researching the uses of CEREC for Bridges, and Crowns on Implants.

He has worked for the NHS in England, and has studied and taken advanced courses in England and Germany.

Artiomas qualified from Vilnius University, Faculty of medicine in 2005.  He is fluent in English and Russian as native language speaker.

  Laura Minkevičienė

 • Specialist in Orthodontics

She qualified from Kaunas Medical University, Faculty of Dentistry in 2004. She subsequently specialized in Orthodontics.  She is fluent is English, Russian, speaks German.


  Vilma Karlonaite

•  General dentistry

General dental procedures, including check-ups, dental hygiene (cleaning), whitening, filings, endodontic and prostodontic work.

She is currently specializing and training in CEREC4 restorations.

Vilma qualified from Kaunas Medical University, Faculty of Dentistry, and speaks English fluently.

 Dalia Daraskeviciene

• Specialist in Aesthetic Dentistry

She qualified from Vilnius University, Faculty of Medicine in 2004.  She is fluent is English



Evelina Buziene

• Dental hygienist  – perform shygiene and whitening procedures

Evelina has worked as a dental hygienist since qualifying in Vilnius, with over 10 years profesional experience.



Rima Stulginskienė

• Dental Assistant




 Agne Alaunyte

• Clinic Manager
• Customer Service Manager

Responsible for the day-to-day running of the clinic. Fluent in English.



Vaida Vanagaitė M.Sc.

• Communications & Marketing Manager

Responsible for promoting Odontika she is also the chief co-ordinator for all Dental Tourism patients. Fluent in English.

Clinic Customer Care

Our advanced laboratories allow us to perform the highest quality crowns, bridges and dentures, within a shortened time frame. You can benefit from significantly reduced waiting times for this type of work.

Our dentists, hygienists, and other practice staff, regularly attend courses which enable us to keep up dated with the latest developments, in order to provide you with the best dental service.

Odontika staff liaises between patients and clinics to arrange dental appointments and treatment. They also organize accommodation, airport transfer and tourism packages. All dental work is provided by hand-selected dentists and oral surgeons and is covered by guarantee. We provide quality dental services in a caring and comfortable environment.