Who We Are

Body Bureau are an award-winning, London-based, British company dealing directly with UK clients seeking affordable fertility treatment, dental services and non-surgical treatment abroad.

We have a dedicated UK, Lithuanian and Czech Republic teams, ready to assist from the moment you get in touch, eager to ensure you get a superior level of service and achieve your medical or health goals to a high level of satisfaction.

Like those who become Body Bureau clients we value high customer service standards and a personal approach. That’s why we have agreements with a select few medical institutions, places we have visited personally, so we can vouch for their high standards and professionalism. After all, we wouldn’t send our clients anywhere we wouldn’t be happy to have treatment ourselves.

What we offer

  • Huge savings on UK treatment costs, even when allowing for accommodation and travel costs
  • Fluent English, Lithuanian, Czech speakers
  • UK Consultation and Pre-Assessment Clinic for fertility services
  • Award winning company
  • Modern fertility clinic with high success rates
  • Special dental clinic specialising in treating patients from all over the world
  • Personalised service, concierge, meet & greet
  • Post operative support
  • Confidential service

What we do

Body Bureau is your personal facilitator for ‘medical tourism’, the practice of going abroad for treatment or healthcare services. We can organise, liaise and plan your entire journey, ensuring you are supported and communicated with (in English) throughout the whole process, so you can just relax and look forward to the experience.

Together with our highly respected providers, our arrangements ensure you get great quality care at an affordable price.

Our clinics are among some of the best in Europe. Between them they offer a full range of fertility treatments including IVF, ICSI, PICSI, donor services (sperm, eggs, embryo) and IUI with or without EVIE pump.

Our dental clinic offers same-day crowns, veneers, bridges, in-lays and on-lays. Its CEREC AC is revolutionizing the dental industry, enabling porcelain restorations to be completed within a single appointment.

We also offer comprehensive diagnostic health screening, also known as the “Body MOT” which involves a day or two of tests to give you a complete picture of your health; everything from your BMI to extensive blood testing, lung, heart and brain function; disease screening including cancer, heart disease and disease of the kidneys, pancreas and other organs; cholesterol levels, vision testing as well as male/female specific tests.

We aim to also promote Lithuania, not only as a great choice of medical tourism destination for it’s extremely high standards of medical care, but also as a country to explore as well. With plenty of spa resorts and tourism attractions, several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, beaches, cities to explore and culture to soak up you may want to stay longer than planned!

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