Northway Health Centre is the largest private medical centre in Lithuania, providing comprehensive medical, surgical, rehabilitation and spa services. They have just expanded their services to include fertility treatment. Their cosmetic surgeon is on the GMC specialist register.
Cosmetic surgery ▪ Botox ▪ Dental ▪ Fertility Treatment, IVF, IUI ▪ Health check up and screening
Kardiolita was established in 1998 and provides a full range of medical services - from comprehensive diagnostics to various surgical treatments within many medical areas. The hospital is equipped with cutting-edge medical equipment and a laboratory, and employs the most advanced and effective methods for diagnostics and treatment. They have long-term experience in treating international patients.
Cardiac surgery ▪ Orthopaedic surgery ▪ General and abdominal surgery
Prague Fertility Centre is a state of the art clinic set up by Daniel Hlinka MVD., PhD, (the first to apply the ICSI method successfully in the Slovak Republic), and Sonja Lazarovska MD. They specialise in treating women aged 40 and over, and also with our couples requiring donor eggs, embryos or sperm. At this clinic we also offer Embryo Monitoring.
Fertility Treatment
Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre is a modern polyclinic-hospital with more than 150 experienced and highly qualified doctors, specialists in 53 fields of medical practice providing consultations and treatments to patients. They offer preventive health-check programmes developed by the Centre's doctors to support those who are concerned about their health status and wish to stay healthy or overcome diseases from early onset.
Health check up and screening ▪ Diagnostic services ▪ Eye Surgery ▪ Orthopaedic surgery
Grozio Pasaulis (Part of BMP Klinika) is a private dermatology and cosmetology clinic that has been operating since 1995, making it one of the first in Lithuania, and one of the first to start using medical lasers for removal of skin lesions.
Cosmetic surgery ▪ Reconstructive surgery ▪ Botox ▪ Dermatology ▪ Wrinkle removal ▪ Laser Treatment / Removal of varicose veins, hair, age spots, moles and skin defects
Odontika is the leading dental clinic for patients from abroad in Vilnius. Each year they treat several hundred patients from abroad making them Lithuania's number one dental tourism clinic and service provider. The clinic is also one of the few in Europe to offer One-visit dentistry. They can offer same day crowns, veneers, in-lays and on-lays and very soon, bridges too.
Dental Implants ▪ Crown and bridge work ▪ Endodontics ▪ Teeth whitening ▪ Professional Dental Hygiene ▪ Orthodontic treatment ▪ Thumb Guard
Founded in 2003, the Lirema Eye Clinic performs operations using the latest medical equipment from renowned German medical equipment manufacturers Carl Zeiss Meditec. Their international standard of clinical practice has been recognised abroad, which can be seen in their membership of the Chambers of Commerce of Germany, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. They offer laser vision correction, and treatment for glaucoma nad catarcts.